WBT organic tomatoes are cultivated in Italy in the sunny region of Puglia, where the sweetest Italian tomatoes come from, and they are grown in open field, never in greenhouses.

Immediately after harvest the tomatoes are brought to our processing plants situated in the same area.

At the plant, two separate manual selections of the product are made: the first is made immediately when they arrive, before the tomatoes are washed with fresh spring-water, the second takes place after the washing, just before they are processed.

These tomatoes become:

Passata: pure juice after a simple centrifugation and light evaporation, immediately bottled and sterilised.
Sauces: tomatoes cut into small pieces and mixed with different organic ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, olives, capers, onions, pepper, garlic and packed into glass jars and sterilised.

The secret of the sweet flavour of WBT organic tomatoes is the freshness of the ingredients, immediately processed after harvest and packed without preservatives.

We are firmly convinced you will taste the flavour and the freshness of nature using the Eunature organic foods.