WBT organic pasta is made with 100% Italian durum wheat grown in the South of Italy, in Sicily (the granary of the Roman Empire), Puglia and Tuscany.

The organic durum wheat is then prepolished and milled in the traditional low temperature Bhuler plant in order to make either a white semolina (separated from the germ and the bran of the wheat) or wholewheat semolina which is a mixture of white semolina, germ and bran.

These basic ingredients, white semolina for white pasta and wholewheat semolina for wholewheat pasta, are mixed with clean and pure spring water.

This mixture is shaped into all varieties (spaghetti, penne etc.) and then dried for a period of time between 8 and 16 hours (depending on the shape) in an oven at approximately 50-60 °C.

The dried product obtained is immediately packed.

We are firmly convinced you will taste the flavour and the freshness of nature using the Eunature organic foods.