Organic Rice


WBT has produced organic rice since 1964, and our farms are located in the Po valley, in the north of Italy on the slopes of the Alps. This location is perfect because fresh and clean spring-water is readily available.

We use a time-honoured rotation system between pasture land, peas, rice and corn crops that ensures that the land does not become drained of nutrients.


Since the beginning of the year 2000, WBT decided to produce different varieties of organic rice in Central Asia, in areas of rich and virgin soil, dedicated to rice cultivation since ancient times. On the lowlands of the Himalayas, the snows melt to form lakes and rivers. These pure waters, surrounded by virgin land are turned into rice cultivations.

These cultivations are rotated with wheat and pasture land under the control of European organic Certifying Organisation. The taste of this organic rice is quite sweet and free of any sort of chemical residue due to the purity of the environment. The final processing and packaging is done in Italy by WBT, the European pioneer in producing and selecting the best organic rice.