WBT, Well-Being Trade, is the oldest Italian company specialized primarily in the farming of organic rice. Set up by Franz Rivetti in 1964, to this day it remains a pioneer in the research and development of organic and natural methods for a healthy lifestyle. Today WBT produces and processes its organic foods and ingredients with the cleanest and most modern technologies available.

We are located in the middle of the Italian countryside and we have direct control of our organic farms and their crops; once collected, we stock the harvest in our refrigerated silos according to the EC Reg. 834/2007 and NOP USDA organic standards.


More than 60% of all organic pasta and tomato products sold in Europe both under Italian brands and local private labels are produced and certified in Italy. Furthermore, over 80% of all Organic Rice produced in Europe is grown on Italian soil.

The European Organic Market showed its true potential over the last years and proved that a steady growth is indeed sustainable. The industrial uses of Organic Rice are also increasing, which allows us to look toward the USA for the introduction of new rice based products.

Market predictions for future trends are also positive,
suggesting that demand levels have the potential to grow significantly in the near future.

WBT has been active within this market for the last 50 years and now purchased between 15.000 to 20.000 Metric Tons of Organic Paddy Rice per year placing it as one of the leaders in Europe.



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